private licence

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) will allow you to fly to destinations within Australia during daylight hours for pleasure or your business.

Training can be conducted on a casual or full time basis depending on your time and financial situation.

The training is divided into two phases:
1. General Flying – (32 hours) This part of the syllabus teaches the basic flying skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to fly solo with passengers from your base aerodrome and within the training area.
2. Navigation Training – (25 hours) Is conducted as a series of cross country navigations exercises which are designed to develop the confidence and skill necessary to become a Private Pilot.

Getting Started
To start your training you simply make a booking for a flying lesson.

As part of the first flying lesson your instructor will, in addition to the normal pre-flight brief, give you information on how to go about getting a medical, reference texts and a log book.

Requirements: To hold a Private Pilots Licence you must be at least 17 years old and speak English.

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