private licence

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) will allow you to fly to destinations within Australia during daylight hours for pleasure or your business.

Training can be conducted on a casual or full time basis depending on your time and financial situation.

The training is divided into two phases:
1. General Flying – (32 hours) This part of the syllabus teaches the basic flying skills and theoretical knowledge necessary to fly solo with passengers from your base aerodrome and within the training area.
2. Navigation Training – (25 hours) Is conducted as a series of cross country navigations exercises which are designed to develop the confidence and skill necessary to become a Private Pilot.

Getting Started
To start your training you simply make a booking for a flying lesson.

As part of the first flying lesson your instructor will, in addition to the normal pre-flight brief, give you information on how to go about getting a medical, reference texts and a log book.

Requirements: To hold a Private Pilots Licence you must be at least 17 years old and speak English.


If you want to pursue a career as a Pilot or you wish to take your flying to a higher level, then you may choose to train for your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL).

The syllabus involves, in addition to the training for a PPL, a series of lessons structured to hone skills and knowledge and to develop a commercial attitude toward your flying. All prerequisites to passing a CPL test and improving your employment prospects.

The CPL course is 150 hours consisting of 80 hours of dual and 70 hours of command time. As part of the course it is possible to incorporate additional ratings such as Aerobatics, Tail-wheel or Night VFR.

The theory component of the course can be completed as self study but lectures and tuition are strongly recommended.

A Commercial Pilots Licence will be issued after passing both a written theory examination issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and a practical flight test with a CASA approved testing officer.

Getting Started
Arrange a time to meet with the Chief Flying Instructor (CFI) to discuss the training requirements and to schedule your lessons.

Must be 18 years old to be issued a Commercial Pilots Licence but the training can be started earlier.

Aircraft Ratings

Aerobatic Endorsement
The aerobatic rating allows the PPL or CPL holder to carry out manouvres such as Loops, Rolls and Spins as pilot in command.
The rating greatly improves a pilots aircarft handling and confidence levels as it takes the aircraft and the pilot close to their operational limits.
The course is strongly recommended for those pilots contemplating a CPL.

Hold at least a PPL

Night Flying
A Night Rating will give you the flexibility to complete a flight after dark or to depart before first light provided the flight is conducted in Visual Meterological Conditions (VMC).

The course will include additional training in instrument flying and the use of radio navigation aids.

Training for this rating can be included as part of the CPL course.

Hold a PPL or CPL

Aircraft Pricing

LIE Cessna 172P – 4 Seat
Basic Training 265/hr
Hire & Fly 230/hr tach

PYW Cessna 172N – 4 Seat
Basic Training 265/hr
Hire & Fly 230/hr tach

KGG Cessna 182 – 4 Seat
Basic Training 370/hr
Hire & Fly 335/hr tach

LCY Cessna 172R – 4 Seat
Basic Training 280/hr
Hire & Fly 245/hr tach

HZV 182 RG – 4 seat, TAS 155
Basic Training 395/hr
Hire & Fly 370/hr tach

AAZ Super Decathlon – Aero/T wheel
Aerobatics 295/hr
Hire & Fly 270/hr tach

DAE PA 28 Warrier – 4 seat
Basic Training 250/hr
Navigation 250/hr
Hire & Fly 225/hr tach

AGX Cessna 172SP – 4 Seat
Basic Training 280/hr
Night Training 290/hr

BOM Cessna 182T – 4 Seat
Basic Training 375/hr
Hire & Fly 345/hr tach

JDG Cessna 172RG – 4 Seat
Basic Training 300/hr
Night Training 310/hr
Hire & Fly 270/hr tach


Landing Fees:
C152 C172 C172RG C182
$12.00 $17.00 $18.00 $19.00
Circuits = 1 landing fee
All prices include G.S.T.



Thank you for dropping by for information on flight training conducted at Forsyth Aviation.

The information contained on this website is designed to give you a basic idea of the courses available, training hours and an approximate cost.

Forsyth Aviation also offers a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF), which is designed to give you a mini lesson with as much hands on time as possible. The flight will take about 30 to 35 minutes and cost from $135. A TIF will give you a good indication as to what to expect when you start training.
If you have never flown before, then a TIF is strongly recommended.

If you feel that you require more information on any of the licences or ratings mentioned, or you want to book a TIF or lesson, then please feel free to call.
Bookings can be made 7 days a week by phoning the office and speaking to one of our instructors.